Hello, and welcome to the Portal.

Here, you will find text, assignments and reflection prompts that are designed to deepen your inner work.

Being intense and sensitive, you see the world through different eyes, and feel the world with a distinctive vibration.

It does not lay an easy path.

For a long time,

You might have resented the fate of being a misfit. 

You wished it could all have been easier, that you were able to fit in, feel belonged, and have less anxiety. 

However, it is not up to you whether or not you were born an intense person,

If you could rest with an ‘easy life’, you would have. 

If you could give up on your quest to live honestly, you would have. 

You did not choose your fate. 

You did not choose to have a fast brain, a soft heart, a complex mind and a sensitive body.

You did not set out to be a rebel, but hypocrisies pain you. 

You did not opt-in to be a black sheep, but the dog-eat-dog world is not your natural habitat.

It is now up to you to work with what you are endowed.

You were once disempowered, confused, and shamed. 

But you also have all the power from here on, to take the matter into your own hands. 

It is on you to nurture the wounded child that was once ostracised, 

to honour your gifts while accepting your limitations, 

to set healthy limits with friends and family,

to find other misfits, and kindred spirits that offer you courage and solace,

to say no to the ‘shoulds’, and say yes to the ‘wants’, 

and finally, to compassionately kiss the socially- complaint facade goodbye, and embrace your truest innermost nature. 

In this program, we will progress from ‘healing’ to ‘thriving’. We start by addressing the past wounds of being misunderstood and sidelined; then we move onto building your resilience and mental agility. Finally, we will harness your gifts, and help to you be the most creative, productive and joyful you can be.

This portal is designed as an adjunct to the one-to-one coaching process, but you are welcome to use it for yourself.

I look forward to being with you.

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